Naaz Premier Iftar 2023

Naaz Premier Sdn Bhd hosted an annual company iftar at SkyeLight Designer Event Hall on 18th April 2023 for all its employees, represented by its board members, managers and staff. This event aimed to strengthen the corporation and develop team spirit among all staff. The main purpose of the event was to celebrate the month of Ramadan and break the fast together. The atmosphere at the event was lively and friendly, with people from all walks of life coming together to share a meal and enjoy each other’s company. There was a live band that accompanied us through the night which made it more soothing with the voices and the harmonious between saxophone and guitar. 

As the meal was being served, there was a brief prayer session and everyone joined in to offer their prayers. The atmosphere was solemn and peaceful and we felt a sense of calm and serenity. Many of them expressed their gratitude for the event. Traditional food such as lemang, kueh and murtabak were served, and everyone enjoyed the delicious spread. The food was prepared by local chefs who had a lot of experience in cooking traditional Malay dishes. The dishes were authentic and flavorful and everyone savored the taste of each dish. In the meantime, people started to mingle and chat with each other.

As we enjoyed our delicious meal, the top management took the time by rewarding the high achievers who managed to achieve their goals within the time given. The top management was likely to harness the top achiever by giving some rewards and well recognition by many to celebrate the successful together. High achievers can be true assets to their teams. These were the people who excel in terms of skills and responsibilities. We cheered each other through thick and thin and motivated to move forward.

Overall, the iftar event was a great success. It brought all staff together to share a meal and to celebrate the month of Ramadan. The event promoted unity, harmony and understanding and it showed people from different backgrounds can come together and work towards a common goal. 

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