Who We Are

We are one of the top company in Malaysia that is focusing on producing and distributing exclusive products while providing quality of service through our offline and online services

Our company mission is to empower youth so that they can have strong economy and to be successful in life. We are committed in making the world a better place

Our Vision

Our Mission

Syarikat Pengeluar dan Pengedar Produk Ekslusif

Kami memberikan kualiti perkhidmatan yang terbaik dengan memenuhi kehendak dan keinginan pelanggan

Berusaha mewujudkan komuniti belia yang mempunyai kekuatan dari segi ekonomi dan kejayaan hidup

Our History


Started as Naaz Distributor in 2015 with around 10 team members in total.


Naaz Premier became “Sendirian Berhad” on the 29th of Nov and began joining a number of training programs to build a stable company.


First Headquarters of Naaz Premier was set up in Malacca and the team was around 126 members. In the same year, our official Al Quran “Walimatulurus” was introduced.


Malacca HQ was moved to Sungai Buloh and a training centre of the art of street selling was built to train the members on becoming more efficient. The first subsidiary company was created, “TB Nation ” that focused on Sambal Tok Blagak. Cucu Blagak’s House was then created for “Division Food & Beverage at Setapak.


Our CEO, Tuan Nur Adli Azinuddin was awarded as “100 Top Young CEOs’’. CBH Setapak branch was moved to Sungai Buloh.


During the “COVID 19” pandemic, 2 new product was released called “Curpox” a fish cracker snack and hand sanitizers.


Late of 2021, the third subsidiary company was formed called, “Beyond Qalbu” that focused on “Program Jual Beli & Wakaf Al-Quran ”. Cucu Blagak’s House expanded and opened up branches in a Canteen in Gombak and Tambun, Ipoh.

Our Leaders

“ Chase the vision , not the money , the money will chase you later.”

Nur Adli Azinudin B. Zulkfli

Chief Executive Officer

“You cannot go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”

Muhammad Nurain Bin Mohd Idris

Chief Operating Officer

"Passionately learning will lead to passively earning."

Shahrul Redza Bin Zahid

Chief Marketing Officer

“Little boys with dreams become man with vision”

Masri Bin Mohamad

Chief Sales Officer

“ Coming together is a beginning Keeping together is progress
Working together is success”

Mohd Zaimy Bin Ali

Human Resources