Company Outing with “Mat Kilau”

Just because the weather outside is stormy, does not mean your corporate outing cannot be enjoyable. Company Outing – Held on 28th June. At Naaz Premier, company outings are normally spent doing fun activities such as picnics, outdoors, or going for movies. This time we chose to watch a local blockbuster movie of the year, titled “Mat Kilau”.

The title itself gave so much impact to the Malaysian across ages due to its take on historical event that happen during British colonial era. Naaz Premier also did not miss the chance to join the “hype”. Our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Shahrul Redza planned the entire thing to bring all of the staff to watch the movie at One Utama, Petaling Jaya. The purpose of the company outing was to allow the staff to enjoy bonding activity, relax, and have fun with their co-workers.

Company outing is a way for the company to show the employees just how much they are appreciated for all of their hard work and their efforts.It was a great way to bring everybody together and enjoy the time off work.

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